The Top Three Of Annoying Habits in Remote Meetings

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We have all been there: the online meeting is already quite intense, and there’s this one colleague who scores the hat trick of annoying habits. Or maybe there’s no colleague who is like this… maybe it’s you and you don’t even know! Read on to check if you might be annoying your colleagues without even knowing…

#1 Not Muting Your Microphone

If you’re not talking, mute your microphone. It really is that simple! The reason behind this is that you might produce white noise, or that your microphone might overpower the one of the current speaker. We don’t need to hear you yawn, cough or sneeze. Depending on your microphone, even the sound of your breathing might disturb the meeting or distract the speaker.

If you’re using a tool which automatically identifies the speaker and shows their video in a prominent way, your sneeze might trigger this mechanism and you will pop up instead of the speaker. By the way, the same accounts for munching on some nice peanuts during the semi-annual presentation – yes, it’s possible and nobody might notice in a remote meeting. If you mute your microphone. Otherwise, your munching will constantly be heard by all your colleagues… I bet you don’t want to leave that impression, right?

This habit becomes even more important when you’re using a room microphone instead of a personal one. Every sound in the room will be recorded by the microphone. If you like to play with your pen or impatiently tap it on the table, everybody will know it after the meeting. Don’t be the peanut munching, pen tapping guy! Just mute your microphone.

#2 Multitasking

We all think we’re better at multitasking than we really are. Answering emails while attending a meeting? Could work out fine, but could also be a really bad idea. You will get distracted and miss more than you think if you focus your energy on writing that email. Even worse, maybe you’re also missing crucial points in your reply because half of your brain is busy with following what is discussed in the meeting!

Just imagine how you would behave in an on-site meeting. How rude would it be to just start talking to someone else in the middle of a discussion, or to take out your phone and start messaging your significant other about today’s dinner plans. This will not only lead to serious mistakes on your side, you are also showing a lack of respect for your coworkers who maybe put a lot of effort in their meeting preparation.

#3 Leaving Without Any Notice

This habit may actually be fine in massive online meetings. If your whole company attends a presentation, there’s no need to unmute yourself and let everybody know that you will leave five minutes early. However, if it’s a smaller round where only chosen people are present, you fulfill a function in that meeting – even if you don’t say anything throughout the whole discussion. Just disappearing will be rude, especially if there is that one question in the end that is directed to you. Yeah, you can always blame your internet connection if that happens. However, if you’re creating a habit of doing this, you might be known as the one with the bad internet connection, especially in the end of long and boring meetings… which is a reputation that you definitely can do without.

Good Habits Instead Of Bad Ones

These are basically the worst and most annoying things you can do in remote meetings. Of course, you can also start establishing extraordinarily great habits. Check out five essential habits for great online meetings!

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