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Workshop Planning (XI): Discussion As Input

In our example workshop, I decided to go for a discussion as the input. As the topic is collaboration an possible improvements, there is no larger need for any input as the starting point. On the contrary – imagine being invited to a workshop to reflect on your collaboration practices, and the first thing you are presented with is a theoretical text about collaboration at work. Wouldn’t this feel like a punch in the face? It’s like saying Well, nice of you to be here, let’s look at what you did wrong your whole career… and nobody likes that!

Workshop Planning (IX): Warm-Ups And Where To Find Them

The goals for warm-ups and feedbacks are usually quite universal. However, there is a great variance in what you can and will achieve with a warm-up. You should always consider your warm-ups, feedback phases and cool-downs as part of your workshop, and as such, as a phase that fulfills a certain function. A good warm-up is never just a game that interrupts your workshop!

How To Measure Machine Translation Quality

When it comes to measuring quality, we are surprisingly unsuspicious once a metric comes into the play. As soon as someone hands you numbers, or a chart, there is a good chance that you will trust in those numbers – especially if they support what you already believe. It is always important to know where those numbers come from, and what exactly they measure. Especially in the field of (neural) machine translation, trusting numbers blindly can have severe consequences.