My Three Topics

Literature studies fit so well with you, they said. Me, a very naive 18-year-old, trusted them. I immediately knew in the first class that I needed more. More structure, more hard facts – less literature. Thanks to the internet and open access to a lot of knowledge, I filled the gaps and am now the person I always wanted to be.

There are three things that interest me the most, and which are reflected in nearly everything I pursue.


When I became a team leader, no one had told me how to be a team leader. However, I decided that excusing my mistakes with this would be unprofessional and not helpful for the people that I actually had to lead. So I taught myself, I read, I watched, I listened to knowledgeable people to become better at what I do. I want to share my journey to help others do the same.


When I was promoted into a technical position in my company, I had very little background knowledge. However, it was a very important position, and I didn’t want to let down my colleagues – and myself. So I used open source resources to get familiar with the technical details, and learned on the way how much more there is to learn.


Coming from literature and culture studies, the mindset that I trained in university still accompanies me every day. While I really didn’t fit into the literature studies, I truly believe that culture studies are immensely helpful in the life of every team leader. Everything is culture. What we say, what we do, how we do it. Understanding the underlying structures and being able to analyze groups, teams and persons as part of a culture is so beneficial for understanding your own role! I would not want to miss this part of my journey.

Many of the truths that we cling to depend on our point of view.